Month: March 2019

28 March Crypto Trading Signals

Market Update Great Breakout from all major coins As the total crypto marketcap increases by 4 billion . We can see Bitcoin and Ethereum testing resistance levels mentionned in my previous update .. Litecoin is yet again seeing some good upside today and has broken resistance at the 60$ marker.. Great move from bch(abc) today , i will include it in this update.

BTC/USD > Volatility has picked up again for bitcoin as we are seeing the highest trade volume since April 2018. Great move upward sending us to re-test this resistance at 3950 .. a strong move above this would mean we are likely to see 4.2k again in the near future(strong resistance), This golden cross mentionned in last post seems to have completed fully ;this is providing more buyers and forcing many shorts to close.

ETH/USD > Ethereum testing resistance around 140-141$ again , we can see our typical broadening wedge formation still holding (bullish).. A move above 142 would be a very bullish indication that we can test 160$ again. As price slowly moves up so did our support level, we believe 130$ will act as a very strong support for ethereum now.

LTC/USD > Great move from litecoin breaking our resistance @60$ , this level is likely to act as support now .. If litecoin finds support above 60$ that would very bullish , likely sending us to test our next resistance at 72$ ; On the other hand if we fail to hold above 60$ ,this breakout would be a bulltrap.

XRP/USDT >XRP breaking out of this bearish decending triangle we were forming , we have 1 last resistance at around 0.33$ , if we can break over this i think xrp can make a big move test our .618 fib level @ 0.3450~$… We have now developped a new support at the 0.31$~ range, we remain bullis


BTC/USD -Bitcoin Has broken over 4000 again! currently testing immediate resistance at our old rising support/New resistance (4040).. 3940 should act as good support again in the case of a retrace below 4k.We saw a clear bear trap happen the last few days ,bulls showing a strong presence ; hopefully those shorting took profit at the recommended areas =). I have highlighted some smaller resistances between 4000$ and 4200$ on the right hand side of the chart for those scalping.We still remain bullish mid/term on bitcoin as our daily +weekly candles and charts are looking good.Our strong support at 3800 is still unchallenged(bullish).

Blockmason Link Announces NEO Platform and Smart Contract Support Today, we announced the addition of NEO public blockchain support to the official Link development roadmap. Developers of web, mobile and other decentralized applications (“DApps”) that interact with smart contracts on the NEO blockchain will be able to use Blockmason’s Link to accelerate their development while reducing overhead and costs. Founded in 2014, NEO is a community-driven, open-source project that aims to create a “Smart Economy.” NEO uses blockchain technology to digitize assets, and automate the management of these digital assets using smart contracts. Since launching its main-net in 2016, NEO has become home to hundreds of popular DApps and a global community of DApp developers. Read the official release here:

Many of you are new to our family and are unsure on how to be successful trading with our signals! Below is exactly how every single trader, paid or free is given! Your entire trading portfolio treat it like a Pie! This pie equals 100% So starting with 100% of that pie, you would: Immediately calculate out 30-40% of that pie, and hold it in either BTC or Stablecoin. Which ever your comfortable with!(you can do 50-50 between btc and stable, 75-25. Whatever your comfortable with! The other 60-70% of the pie you split into exact equal portions, these portions are for alts trading. You would break this portion up between 5-7-10 signals. 5-7 equal portions with 2btc or less or 7-10 equal portions with 3-3.5btc+ When you sell at targets and totally out of a signal, the next best step would be to transfer the profit(extra btc from selling) into your top btc or stablecoin pie portion! This is our strategy. You can play around with it and see what works best for you personally! Following this strategy gives you the best opportunity for success trading with the Whisperer signals! Hope this helps! Any questions just ask!

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Last chance for Trade: Viberate [VIBBTC]

Viberate  coin
is going to hit the sky !

Trade: Viberate [VIBBTC]

BUY: 0.00000640 – 0.00000710

TARGETS: (1) 0.00000810 (2) 0.00000940 (3) 0.00001240 (4) 0.00001500 STOP: Close daily below 0.00000580

Do not forget to place your stops to give values.

Stoploss on trading is very important and you can read more about stop lossses here

Another Treasure is Loopring [LRC]

Loopring coin is another treasure of the week! Here is the trading details for you !

Trade: Loopring [LRCBTC]

BUY: 0.00001400 – 0.00001600

TARGETS: (1) 0.00001800 (2) 0.00002200 (3) 0.00002600 (4) 0.00003000 (5) 0.00003600 (6) 0.00004000

STOP: Close daily candle below 0.00001300.

there are some news about loopring and will hit good levels in few days.

Premier signal of the week! POT!

Trade: PotCoin [POTBTC]

BUY: 0.00000465 – 0.00000520

TARGETS: (1) 0.00000680 (2) 0.00000840 (3) 0.00001090 (4) 0.00001350 (5) 0.00001500

STOP: Close weekly below 0.00000300.

Don’t miss out POA!

Trade: POA Network [POABTC]

BUY: 0.00000815 – 0.00000880

TARGETS: (1) 0.00001020 (2) 0.00001111 (3) 0.00001240 (4) 0.00001380 (5) 0.00001470 (6) 0.00001590

STOP: Close daily below 0.00000730.

Results of previous trading sessions.

Results for last 30 days ————————–

#DENTBTC +4.17% (Still running)

#ICXBTC +4.17% (Still running)

#PHXBTC +5.4% (Still running)

#ETCBTC +6.05% (Still running)

#INSBTC +6.13% (Still running)

#QKCBTC +6.47% (Still running)

#NCASHBTC +6.52% (Still running)

#BTTBTC +10% (Still running)

#LRCBTC +10.32% (Still running)

#ZILBTC +10.45% (Still running)

#ZRXBTC +10.52% (Still running)

#AIONBTC +15.07% (Still running)

#NANOBTC +15.38% (Still running)

#PHXBTC +15.63% (Still running)

#GOBTC +19.09% (Still running)

#MFTBTC +20.51% (Still running)


#LOOMBTC +11.54%

#DCRBTC +19.52%

#MANABTC +19.72%

#MFTBTC +20%

#ONTBTC +20.26%

#POLYBTC +20.59%

#HOTBTC +21.43%

#DLTBTC +21.68%

#NULSBTC +22.35%

#REQBTC +25.23%

#GTOBTC +25.64%

#VETBTC +26.09%

#WANBTC +32.1%

#TRXBTC -12.6% (Stop) ————————–

Total wins: 30 (455.03%)

Total Loss: 1 (-12.6%) ————————–

️ Total Performance : 442.43%


Success Rate 96.77% ————————–

Average Result per Trade: 14.27%

Average Duration to TP1: 02 Days 23 Hours 22 Minutes 20 Sec

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